Transmission of FaxGrams from our site to elected and appointed officials, companies and others.Learn More

Gift Safe®

Political Fundraising online using Gift Safe® seamlessly through your site.Learn More

Grassroots Campaign™ Creations uses proprietary Faxography®, PUSH-PUSH™ and Gift Safe® systems to persuade your target markets that the objectives you hold and they desire are the same. 

Our Faxography system delivers hundreds of thousands of personalized, editable faxes a day.  Using Gift Safe, your donors can be fully assured of their online safety while you benefit from low-cost transactions and FEC-compliant, realtime reporting.

Our unique internet technology is dedicated to providing nearly-instantaneous online campaign tools to reach your targets with loud, clear and convincing messages.  Grassroots achieves these goals using the following methods:

  • Building campaigns from the roots up - including personnel, websites, supporters and mailing lists
  • Drafting compelling grassroots campaign messages
  • Providing donation landing pages where charitable and political supporters can donate using our Gift Safe® worry-free credit card facilities
  • Delivering hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of FaxGram persuasive messages through our patent-pending Faxography® system
  • Delivering millions of email messages from the secure, reputable and proven email servers of Mail Minders®
  • Giving instant service to your political supporters and charitable donors 8 AM - 9 PM EST via our toll free support hotline
  • Twice-monthly bank wires of collected funds direct to our clients' account
  • Providing 100% assurance that all FEC reporting requirements for our activities are met
  • Using our revolutionary PUSH-PUSH™ technology, controlling all of the activities on your website remotely after setting up a simple webpage.
  • Overall, we are among the lowest-cost online campaign service providers yet we deliver world-class performance

Grassroots provides the following types of services to political candidates, persons effected by governmental decisions and organizations that wish to influence decision-making processes:

Email - Enhanced email campaigns directed solely at fully opted-in recipients through Mail Minders®;
Online Advertising - assisting in the placement of our clients' ads on most popular conservative websites.
E-Gram Campaigns:  We send highly customizable email from our servers to your intended targets.  The page visitor is able to change your approved template as necessary.  Each E-Gram received appears to be a personal letterhead complete with a script font signature line. 
Remote E-Gram Campaigns:  We send highly customizable email from your page through Mail Minders® servers.
Faxography® - Transmission of FaxGrams from our site to elected and appointed officials, companies or any other person.

Remote Faxography® - Transmission of FaxGrams through our servers seamlessly through your site.

An example of Remote Faxography® and Gift Safe® currently operating is found at Pray for Allen West, a site dedicated to uplifting Mr. West's heart and soul. no one need ever know that your site is not the force behind the fax™.

Gift Safe® - Fundraising online for registered political candidates, PACs or non-profits using our site's Landing Pages.

Remote Gift Safe® - Political Fundraising online using Gift Safe® seamlessly through your site.

NOTE:  A more detailed description of the operations, and duties of both Grassroots and its customers, is discussed on our Prices & Services page.

The value of Grassroots in performing these types of campaign services is we have already functioning capacities which required thousands of hours of development and testing.  Thus, Grassroots political campaigns and non-profit campaigns can be up and running in just a few minutes.
Grassroots CC is dedicated to providing highly-efficient and economical communication resources throughout the United States and, indeed, the world through the use of email and facsimile messaging.

Grassroots is a full-spectrum political campaign services provider and will represent most pro-American political campaigns regardless of where on the political spectrum such may be.

Randy Goodwin, Treasurer of RMCPAC stated, "Grassroots Campaign™ Creations provide us an economical donation system that encompasses both pure donations and sending highly personalized FaxGram messages."

Through the use of Grassroots’ patent-pending Remote Faxography® system, even the smallest community, charitable or political organizations can develop both national and international impact upon deliberative and decision-making processes.  Using Faxography®, our clientele is able to remotely transmit faxes from one location to another, via our FaxGram servers.

With GIFT SAFE®, every website can be turned seamlessly into a high-capacity donation collection site using any of our available styles and layouts.  Thus, your charitable or political donors will never know that you do not have your own "shopping cart".  Plus, at a very low cost, you can climb out of the low-class PayPal® check-out monster without your donors ever being able to suspect otherwise.  GIFT SAFE® provides a complete online merchant function for you so you never have to worry about any of those pesky PayPal® problems such as discriminating against conservative causes or candidates as has happened in the past.  GIFT SAFE®'s purpose is providing, securing, disbursing and accounting for donations, gifts, alms, bequests, contributions or any other form of eleemosynary transfer of property, of any type, monetary or physical, online or by physical delivery - so you can see that with GIFT SAFE® your donation-service needs are fully met.

Issues that Grassroots has had a major impact upon include state, federal and local legislation, community advocacy, opinion crafting, and interruption of regulatory overzealousness. There is no campaign for which Grassroots cannot provide a dynamic, powerful and economical answer. Contact us for our evaluation of your decisional challenges today.